Are chrome fire extinguisher legal?

Chrome fire extinguishers are a constant cause of confusion among people, as many are unaware of the laws regarding them and whether they conform to British standards.

Chrome fire extinguishers function in exactly the same way as red fire extinguishers and are neither less effective nor more effective. Like red extinguishers, the chrome ones also come in a range of different types including water, wet chemical, dry powder, foam and CO2.

chrome, Are chrome fire extinguisher legal?

UK Chrome Fire Extinguishers

Chrome fire extinguishers are more commonly found in places like restaurants and hotels and the fact that they are made from stainless steel and aluminium means they are less likely to be affected by corrosion, making them a good option for outdoor areas.

Despite the confusion surrounding them, chrome fire extinguishers are actually completely legal, however, the confusion surrounding them comes from the fact that they do not conform to British standards, particularly BS EN3-7: 2004. Chrome extinguishers do not conform to British standards as it states in part 16.1 of the standard that 95{84c3ee3459ee3a6fcda035fd148db8f24987d7f919afaa29d8de3b4412f3ebe1} of the body of the fire extinguisher must be red. The standard is only a recommendation so fire safety regulations would not be broken if you install them.

Chrome fire extinguishers all carry a CE mark which ensures full legality. Since 2002 all fire extinguishers which operate under pressure must be manufactured in accordance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive and carry a valid CE mark.

When installing chrome fire extinguishers you can be sure that they conform to all fire safety regulations.