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What Fire Alarm Services Does my Business Need?

what to know about fire alarm services19th March 2020

Fire alarms save lives by allowing people time to escape in the event of a fire. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 provides that all premises in England and Wales used for non-domestic purposes, with some exceptions, have an

All You Need to Know about Fire Extinguisher Colours

learn about fire extinguishers14th February 2020

There are six classifications of fires and different fires call for different types of fire extinguishers, which are therefore divided into 5 fire extinguisher colours. It is absolutely crucial that the correct type of fire extinguisher is selected depending on

The Vital Importance of Fire Risk Assessments

14th January 2020

A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement. Employers, owners and occupants of commercial premises and landlords of houses in multiple occupations (HMOs), or anyone else responsible for a building that is not a single private dwelling, are required under

What Type of Fire Extinguisher do I Need for my Premises?

17th December 2019

Fire extinguishers can save lives, so it goes without saying it is crucial that for your commercial premises, you are certain to choose the right type of extinguisher to suit the specific risks faced. It is also a compliance requirement

How Often does a Fire Alarm need to be Serviced?

Fire Alarm Installation7th November 2019

Fire alarms save lives. When you rely on something to that degree, it is vital that you take steps to ensure it is ready to do its job should the need arise. It’s precisely why fire alarm servicing is so

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22nd March 2019

Every year people die or are seriously injured as a result of fires in non-domestic properties. Besides the human risk, fire costs UK business millions of pounds due to property damage, fines, compensation, and insurance premiums. Many businesses find that

Storm Gareth expected to keep firefighters busy over the next few days

12th March 2019

Firefighters in London are prepared for more wet and windy weather in the capital, with the Met Office predicting Storm Gareth will bring gusts of up to 50mph in the coming days. The Brigade is warning Londoners to take care

Search and Rescue dog Kirby retires

11th March 2019

Essex County Fire & Rescue’s, Search and Rescue dog Kirby, has retired after a career with the Service spanning more than 80 dog years. Kirby, 11, will bravely step down from operational duties with immediate effect following advice from vets

People would feel unsafe living in flats without sprinklers a new report finds

27th February 2019

Two-thirds (66%) of Londoners say they would feel unsafe living in a high rise block of flats that didn’t have sprinklers a new YouGov poll released shows. One week left These findings come with just under one week left in

Off duty firefighter receives humanitarian award for saving woman’s life

26th February 2019

An off duty firefighter has been commended by Royal Humane Award for saving the life of a holiday maker. There was a chance of survival Dagenham Watch Manager Ash Perham was on his way to work on 24 November 2016

Stop ignoring Brigade advice on sprinklers housing developers told

12th February 2019

Housing developers are consistently ignoring our advice on fitting sprinklers a new report reveals today. Every year, we inform thousands of London developers that sprinklers are a crucial recommendation for their planned build. An audit of purpose built flats built

Meet London Fire Brigade’s newest fire investigation dog

8th February 2019

Meet Simba, London Fire Brigade’s newest four-legged recruit with a nose for sniffing out the causes of fires. The two-year-old English springer spaniel has joined the Brigade’s fire investigation team and is assisting at the scenes of fires across London

Members of the European Parliament ask the European Commission to choose a strong approach to assess the fire performance of facade

4th January 2019

Brussels, November 28, 2018: Ahead of the European Commission’s decision on a EU approach to the fire assessment of facades, 13 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), from different countries and political parties, wrote a letter championing the Commission’s proposed

Brigade response to the ban on combustible cladding

5th December 2018

London Fire Brigade Assistant Commissioner, Dan Daly said; “While we are supportive of a ban on combustible cladding, it’s not enough to make buildings safer. “Banning cladding won’t make buildings safer unless you ensure that only properly qualified people can

Shop manager handed suspended sentence for fire safety failings at serious Tottenham fire

28th November 2018

A Tottenham newsagent manager has been handed a suspended prison sentence for fire safety breaches following a serious fire at his shop that injured a resident from a flat above and three firefighters. Firefighters were called to Hardings Newsagent in

New ‘Gold standard’ firefighter kit for London crews and fire dogs

21st November 2018

London’s firefighters and their furry colleagues begin wearing new, gold coloured fire tunics and leggings as modernised personal protective equipment (PPE) is rolled out across the Brigade. It’s the biggest kit update for eight years. The new PPE includes: helmet,

London Fire Brigade evidence to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

15th November 2018

London Fire Brigade has concluded giving evidence for phase 1 of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry*. London Fire Commissioner, Dany Cotton said: “None of us will ever forget the loss of life and everlasting impact on all those who have suffered

UK bans combustible materials on new high-rise and high-risk buildings’ facades

31st October 2018

James Brokenshire, secretary of state for housing, communities and local government, announced at the Conservative Party Conference 2018 that combustible materials will be banned from the facades of “all new high-rise residential buildings, hospitals, registered care homes, and student accommodations”

‘Sticky science’ saves London school from fire

26th October 2018

London firefighters used a new glue like liquid to save a school in Twickenham from burning down and they are the first crews in Europe to use this unique scientific breakthrough. In July, crews were called to a fire at

New Government safety recommendations reflect years of Brigade lobbying

24th September 2018

Crucial safety recommendations announced by the Government recently reflect many of the issues that London Fire Brigade has spent years lobbying for. In particular a review of the fire safety guidance used to measure fire safety standards in and around

Sprinklers could have saved Dagenham school, says London Fire Brigade

21st September 2018

A school building which was burnt to the ground yesterday could have been saved if sprinklers had been fitted, says London Fire Brigade. Parents of children who were due to return to Roding Primary School in Dagenham this week are

Brigade gives Government bad school report as school fires increase

21st August 2018

School fires in London have increased by 34 per cent in just one year, new London Fire Brigade figures show. The Brigade has been campaigning for a number of years to make sprinklers mandatory in new schools and during major

Council adopts the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

2nd July 2018

The Council of the European Union has adopted the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Two articles urge Member States to consider fire safety in building renovations. The amendments to the directive are a strong signal from the European Union that energy

UK Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety falls short regarding regulation of fire safety in buildings

26th June 2018

Brussels, 18 May 2018: The results of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety (the Hackitt review) released yesterday are insufficient in their recommendations for a robust regulatory system for fire safety in high-rise and high-risk buildings. The report has many good