More landlords receiving heavy fines as local councils crack down on unsafe properties.

Published on: 26th January 2016

An increased crack down by local government councils on landlords and unsafe properties across the country has lead to an increasing number of fines and convictions.

At least 48 local councils across the country will receive shares of a £5m fund aimed at tackling the problem of unsafe properties and rogue landlords. The news of this new £5m fund was announced earlier this week by the department for communities and local government. The funding will give more powers to local councils at carrying out more raids, issuing more statutory notices and increasing property inspections.

The news comes after yet another landlord has fallen foul of the laws which are aimed to protect the lives of all tenants across the country.

Mr Sukhvinder Singh Swali pleaded guilty to four breaches of housing legislation at Nottingham Magistrates Court and was fined £3,650 for ignoring fire safety legislation and putting his tenants lives at risk.

Safety concerns were raised after a fire at the property, in which no one was injured, lead to an investigation in which several housing faults were uncovered. Investigators discovered that there was a lack of fire fighting equipment, a fire alarm system that did not work properly and an electricity supply that was illegally bypassed.

Jane Urquhart, a Councillor for Nottingham city council said: ‘Raising the standards of privately rented accommodation in this city is an ambition, commitment and priority for the council as all tenants should be able to enjoy living in decent and safe homes.”