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Fire Alarm Maintenance in Essex London

Is your fire alarm up to date with all insurance requirements on a commercial property, including compliance with BS 5839? At IQ Fire Solutions, our team is qualified to provide professional fire alarm servicing to our clients in London and the Essex region.

Our technicians are passionate about fire safety, supporting our clients with dedicated advice, fire alarm servicing and maintenance care on their commercial buildings. We ensure you can meet your responsibility for fire safety legislation and keep your audience and staff safe at all times.


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Fire alarm Servicing Essex and London – Your legal requirements

According to the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005, it is a legal requirement that commercial establishments must be equipped with appropriate and functional fire alarms and fire detectors. 

Additionally, you must regularly service your fire detection system to comply with the British Standards for fire detection and fire alarm systems in non-domestic buildings and property, BS 5839. British Standard recommends having routine testing every six months with a qualified and certified provider. 

Commercial establishments should also display a fire alarm zone plan in the building to support local fire services. Our experts at IQ Fire Solutions can help you comply with the legal requirements of the Fire Safety Order.

All Types of Fire Alarms Covered in our Fire Alarm Service in and Around London

We are expert engineers familiar with the three main types of fire alarm systems in commercial premises:

  • Conventional fire alarm servicing
  • Addressable fire alarm servicing
  • Wireless fire alarm servicing

Our trained engineers are qualified to support commercial premises with either of these alarm systems. Unsure which alarm system you have or which would be more relevant for your building?

Here’s a brief overview of fire alarm servicing per system type:

Conventional Fire Alarm Servicing

This is typically found in small and low-risk commercial sites. Your premises are divided by the fire alarm system into broad zones with no requirements for specific area identification. 

Our team can ensure functions and connections in each fire alarm area during inspection and fire alarm testing. We can also help address fire alarm panel confusion and damage.

Addressable Fire Alarm Servicing

This type of fire alarm system is best suited for large and high risk environments, such as hospitals, schools, and care homes. Individual fire alarm systems have their unique electronic address, which is tested and verified during the inspection and maintenance service. We also ensure that when a fire alarm activates, it becomes immediately visible and identifiable on the fire alarm panel. 

Wireless Fire Alarm Servicing

This type of system is preferred for premises that can’t use a lot of wiring and cabling due to their nature, such as historic buildings. It works in a similar way to the addressable fire alarm system, relying on a secure wireless link to connect the sensors and the alarm panel. Our maintenance panel will test and inspect the wireless connections and ensure they activate the appropriate response on the panel.

Schedule Fire Alarm Maintenance in Essex and London

As mentioned, professionals must test and inspect your fire alarm systems regularly. We also recommend running weekly testing to ensure the alarm panel, sounders, and sensors operate as they should. Please ensure that the fire brigade is notified of your test period before and after completion to reduce the risk of false emergency responses. In the event of problems with the fire alarm system, we advise you to get in touch with our team as soon as possible for rapid diagnosis and repair. 

Arranging for professional, periodic inspection is a non-negotiable risk assessment duty in each commercial building. We can work closely with your team to arrange timely and regular maintenance appointments on your site.

Fire Alarm maintenance – Our Promise for London and Essex Clients

IQ Fire Solutions can help you remain compliant with BS5839 and British standards. We can arrange for annual or bi-annual maintenance of your fire alarm system, regardless of whether we install it or not. This will ensure that your establishment is fully protected.

We can carry out the work required to upgrade your existing fire alarms if they are outdated, damaged, or incomplete. If it is the case, we will be delighted to note any essential requirements during our maintenance service. 

We can also provide emergency 24/7 support for all issues with your fire alarm system. 

We are passionate about delivering fire safety to you and your audience. Therefore, you can rest assured that your fire alarm is in expert hands. 

We are familiar with most fire alarm manufacturers in the UK and can provide 99% of all maintenance and repair needs in-house. 

Our expert engineers also carry out testing on fire extinguishers and emergency lighting.

Still trying to budget your fire alarm service? Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quotation for your maintenance and fire protection needs. Call 020 8500 9885 to find out more.