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Evacuation Alert Systems From IQ Fire Solutions

IQ Fire Solutions is a fire safety company that has been in business for 20 years. Their services are BAFE accredited and adhere to the BS EN54 equipment quality standard. They have a 98% client retention rate and offer customized solutions to ensure that all evacuation alert systems meet the specific needs of their clients. Their reliability, security, and essentiality values make them a trusted provider for any business seeking a dependable and secure solution. IQ Fire Solutions delivers top-notch evacuation alert systems that provide peace of mind during emergencies.

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  • 20 Years Expertise
  • BAFE Certified
  • BS EN54 Compliant
  • 98% Client Loyalty
  • Tailored Solutions

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Our mission is to equip our customers with evacuation alert systems that ensure their safety during a fire emergency. Our systems are highly dependable and secure, providing instantaneous alerts to notify staff of the need for evacuation. We recognize the importance of having such a system in place for businesses, and we are committed to providing superior quality services at all times.

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At IQ Fire Solutions, we recognize the significance of having dependable and secure evacuation alert systems in place. Our 20 years of experience, BAFE accreditation, and adherence to BS EN54 compliant equipment assure you that our solutions are of the highest quality. Moreover, our 98% client retention rate speaks to our dedication to providing customer satisfaction. We provide customized solutions to guarantee that your specific requirements are fulfilled, and you receive precisely what you need. When seeking an evacuation alert system, opt for IQ Fire Solutions – the epitome of reliability, security, and essentiality.

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Secure your business with dependable fire safety solutions offered by IQ Fire Solutions. Allow us to assist you in remaining reliable and essential by providing customised evacuation alert systems.

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What are evacuation alert systems?

Evacuation alert systems are safety mechanisms developed to notify individuals of a fire or other emergency, allowing them to depart the premises promptly and safely.

How do evacuation alert systems work?

By employing sensors to detect fires or other emergencies, evacuation alert systems activate an alarm that warns individuals of the peril, prompting them to evacuate the building.

What are the benefits of evacuation alert systems?

Evacuation alert systems provide a fast and reliable way to alert people to a fire or other emergency and help them evacuate the building in an orderly and safe manner.

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