29 killed in Romanian nightclub fire.

Published on: 2nd November 2015

A fire which broke out in a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania, has left 29 people dead and hundreds more severely injured.

It is believed that the blaze, which broke out in the Colectiv club on Friday 30th October, was caused by fireworks having been let off inside the premises. Reports indicated that the clubs ceiling caught fire after a spark on the stage ignited some of the polystyrene décor.

The club could only be exited through two small exit doors, one of which had to be broken down in order for people to escape.

Raed Arafat, Romania’s health minister warned that the death toll was still rising. “After the analysis that was done, we concluded that it is still possible for the number of deaths to double.”

According to authorities, no fire permit had been requested by the club or granted to it by the Bucharest fire department.